portraint-JunDr Gyuchan Thomas Jun is a Reader in Socio-technical System Design at School of Design and Creative Arts, Loughborough University, UK and a Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist. He is a design educator/researcher/facilitator and an award-winning animation/film producer working in a broad field of human factors design, complex system/service design, design for behaviour change and system safety. His expertise is in integrating systems thinking, design thinking and resilience thinking into complex system/service design/development. 
For more info, please visit his project website (systemsthinkinglab.com).
The best way to reach me is via email (g.jun@lboro.ac.uk)

Latest news

  1. Invited speaker/panelist, July 2021, Blood transfusion safety case study (from 20:15), Launch event for CIEHF Healthcare Learning Pathway, Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, UK
  2. Invited speaker, June 2021, Human Factors in Complex Systems, case study awardee meeting of the Safer Complex System programme, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK
  3. Invited speaker, Mar 2021, Risk and Resilience in Complex Systems, Innovation Download, Innovation & Research InSight Unit (IRIS), Home Office, UK
  4. Invited speaker, Feb 2021, Systems thinking to complex problems – protecting children from domestic abuse (2 x 2hr workshops), Yonsei University, South Korea
  5. Invited lecturer, Dec 2020, AcciMap training, NHS Education for Scotland
  6. Steering committee, Nov 2020 – May 2022, Safer Complex Systems programme, Royal Academy of Engineering
  7. Invited speaker, Dec 2020, Systems Thinking in Healthcare Incident Investigation – Perspectives and applications, Q Exchange webinar series organised by NHS Education for Scotland
  8. Panel discussion moderator, Dec 2020, Review of UK’s Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, commissioned by Korea Enterprise Federation
  9. Invited presenter, Dec 2020, Applying multiple systems thinking approaches to support the scale-up of the Baby Friendly Community Initiative in Kenya, 4th International Meeting on Health Systems Design, organised by TUDelft
  10. Invited speaker, Nov 2020, Challenges of Complexity in Healthcare: perspectives and method at the launching event of Latin American Network of Ergonomics and Human Factors in Health Systems (RELAESA)
  11. Invited lecturer, Oct 2020, Resilience Engineering in Healthcare, training for CLEAR fellows, (CLEAR: Clinically Led workforcE and Activity Redesign Programme), commissioned by Health Education England
  12. Invited review panel, Oct 2020, reviewing 28 research proposals, Research Council Norway
  13. Invited lecturer, Aug 2020, Systemic Accident Analysis – Bowtie and AcciMap (2 x 2hr online training), commissioned by the Special Investigation Commission on Humidity Disinfection & 4.16 Sewol Ferry Disaster, South Korea
  14. Invited lecturer, March 2020, Introduction and tools for systems approach (causal loop diagram) for African Population and Health Research Center, Nairobi, Kenya
  15. Invited keynote speaker, 19th Dec 2019, Improvement Science in Healthcare: Problems, Challenges and Future Directions, Annual conference organised by the Korean Society for Quality in Health Care (KosQua), BEXCO, Busan, South Korea (over 2,000 delegates)
  16. Invited speaker, 18th Dec 2019, Safety culture and leadership at Corporate Health & Safety committee meeting organised by the Korea Enterprise Federation (KEF), Asti Hotel, Pusan, South Korea
  17. Invited plenary speaker/panellist, 17th Dec 2019, talk and panel discussion (30min) on Systems Approach to Patient Safety at Symposium on Patient Safety Culture organised by Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation, Sheraton Hotel, Seoul, South Korea (over 200 delegates)
  18. Invited speaker, 22nd July 2019, public lecture (3hrs) and panel discussion on ‘Learning from Failure’ organised by the Special Investigation Commission on Humidity Disinfection & 4.16 Sewol Ferry Disaster, South Korea
  19. Invited speaker, 19th July 2019, ‘Human Factors Training in Healthcare’ organised by Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation, Seoul, South Korea
  20. Invited plenary speaker, 22-23 June 2019, Design for Better Care: Participatory Systems Approach at Human Factors Conference 2019 (HFC19), Manchester, UK
  21. Invited plenary speaker, 17th Dec 2018, workshop and talk hosted by Korea Society for Quality in Health Care and Resilience Safety Research Group, Seoul, South Korea
  22. Invited keynote speaker, 14th Dec 2018, Human Factors in Aviation Conference hosted by Korea Society of Human Factors in Aviation, Seoul, South Korea
  23. Invited plenary speaker, 1st Mar 2018, Midlands & East Regional Patient Safety Conference hosted by NHS England, Leicester
  24. Invited plenary speaker, 22-23 June 2017, talk (0.5hr) on Human Factors and System Design at Human Factors Conference 2017 (HFC17), Manchester, UK